Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: The Cheat Sheet


So, what do you need to do to get ready for Recovering Women 2.0?

Set up your Wikipedia account.

That’s it.

Getting started is easy: pick a good pseudonym (beware doxxers) and sign up with your email address. If you’re planning to attend in person, rather than being the angel-in-the-digital-house, then please do this in advance (otherwise we might be seen as bots).

Here are some guidelines compiled by Wikipedia that you may find helpful:

Bear in mind:

  • no promoting your own work!
  • assemble a few basic pieces of information in advance
  • aim for a simple, neutral writing style
  • use visual materials which are cleared for use in WikiCommons
  • shamelessly steal html code from other pages you think are great
  • if in doubt, ask!

This session will be focusing on setting up ‘stubs’, simple pages for individuals or groups of women which feature correct dates, names, and achievements. The more stub articles we can set up during this session, the better, so do bring a list of women who deserve Wikipedia pages but who don’t have one yet!

The Wikipedia community will rush to help, make changes, and fix errors, and you’ll have lots of supportive people around you. So, we await your suggestions for stub candidates with baited breath…



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